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February 01, 2007



What is this I'm hearing about a birthday Party for Tyson Cane.
When is it? Is Tyson Cane really going to be there?

Floyd Swan

Just today was looking thru old copies of Black Inches desperately looking for ones with you in them, disappointed that i cud not find any, must be on loan, than i got this link to you and i cud not let fate down by not communicating with you. You are just as handsome as when I first saw you, glad to know that you are still around. Peace n Continued Blessings from Bermuda.

Henderson J. Quandt

Hi Tyson!

Great site. I can't wait to hear more about your Birthday Party!


Carl Harris

I just saw my first video of yours.paranoid. I loved it can not wait for more.


Tyson Cane- I first laid eyes on you about 10/11 years ago in Black Inches Magazine. Now, as an African- American FEMALE you're probably wondering what the HELL was I doing with Black Inches? Well, I'll tell you: there aren't many (if any) magazines exhibiting the beauty of nude African-American males that cater to African-American women. PlayGirl DOES NOT suit our need. There is an audience out there that people are just not tapping. We're not Freaks, we're not Losers. Like myself, there are many strong, independent, educated, self-sufficient Sistas who enjoy the beauty of Black Men. Gay or Straight/ you're beautiful and we love you, and appreciate you. And now, after so many years later, to see you Mr. Cane still doing your thing even bigger and better makes me proud to call you BROTHA! God Bless You.

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