February 03, 2007


Raul Arias

I have two questions. Please tell us what happened to your partnership with Enrico Vega? More importantly, I have just watched several of your new films and I have to say that the heavey makeup used on yoru black models is really starting to be a turn off. I admire your forge ahead as a comapny and I really like the look of the work overall. But the makeup stuff! Yipes!

It is pretty simple Vega wanted to do bareback movies and I thought it would be sending a bad message. I am in no way judging anyone. In my opinion Vega is driven by money, what he is doing in my opinion again (don’t want to get sued) is no different then someone picking up a gun and becoming a hit man because the money is good. He is willingly spreading HIV in our community. It sickens me to know that. I just checked his ad on RENTBOY.COM and on his STATS page it says for safe sex: “I prefer not to say”. My problem or ideology is this: ( You start a bareback company based on Urban life style I.E. Black and Latin and you are afraid to say what your status is?) Hello! I also wonder, when he is doing his interviews for the models for theses movies does he bother to ask/tell and or even warn the young impressible guys that regardless of your status at this moment there is a good chance that your co star(s) might be HIV+ and/or Negative and what impact that is going to have latter on in his life. It is hard enough doing porn with the way people act sometimes but to do a bareback film you might as well put a I am HIV on your forehead not to say Being HIV + is bad hell you don’t even know if I am but to announce that it is a lot to handle. Not everyone is up for that. When a model comes to me and ask’s me are the guys HIV + or - and can they see the test results? My answer to that is: “We are a condom company we take all the necessary precautions towards safe sex.”

I have no bad feelings towards Vega in anyway, however, if Vega was white in my opinion he would not be allowed to do this. I.E. Coco Dorm for those of you in the know. I think that there should be a certain amount of responsibility.

Make up? Only my black models you have an issue with? I am not going to touch that one.

Raul Arias

Thanks for the detailed response. It does seem that you DO have a bone or two to pick with Mr. Vega. After all, aren't you all in the "business" to make money? I find this paternal attitude towards the choices adults make to be really interesting. I have seen actors in your cast perform BB in other films. That is their choice. As we don't know how Vega goes about casting it is alot of speculation. I have done alot of work in the blatino community, there are lots of reason for the high HIV rates among Blk men but few of them stem from bad porn role models. Finally, I am a Black man and I the reason that I asked about the makeup on the black actors is because it is the most easily noticed and the most distracting. Again thanks for being so candid in yoru reply.

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