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Tyson Cane is a southern boy. He was born and raised in Dolphin, Alabama. At the age of eighteen, instead of going on to college, he opted to enlist in the army. Although he was already interested in pursuing porn, his rank of staff sargeant temporarily placed that on hold, but upon his honorable discharge, Tyson Cane finally burst onto the screen in 1997, in Kristen Bjorn's, "The Anchor Hotel". After serving his tour-of-duty, he had moved to Miami's South Beach. Cane met the legendary director at the gym and they ended up fucking around on the beach. "He had one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen and I realized that white guys had big dicks, too." The next thing he knew, he was performing in his first porn video.

After making a debut of such high visibility and garnering numerous rave reviews for his performance, later that same year, he became the first black male to star in a Falcon video, "The Freshmen", directed by John Rutherford, and to be featured on the box cover. Tyson was quickly sought out by some of the other biggest studios, including Catalina and All Worlds, where he worked twice for Chi Chi LaRue, first in "In The Mix" and then the second installment of the very popular "Link" series, "Link 2 Link". "I asked every director I worked for a million questions. That's how I learned." It was LaRue who told him, "You're gonna own your own studio one day," and shared his knowledge with the inquisitive Cane, who wanted to learn every aspect of the business from the inside out.

Few performers reach the pinnacle of gay porn icon, but for an African-American man, this is even more unusual, and in the mid '90s, it was virtually unheard of. He continued to star in films with predominantly white casts, and although it gave him a much wider fan base than most of his black contemporaries, causing him to be one of the few to make the cover of "Unzipped", it made him more eager than ever to start his own company and produce high quality videos featuring men of color.

His parents weren't exactly pleased with the career path their son had taken, but when Tyson explained he was serious about the business and that his dream was to head one of the first black-owned studios, his father generously offered him the financial backing he required.
In 1999, he formed Tyson Cane Holdings, Inc. and produced, directed and starred in his first effort, a solo video, quickly followed up by the release of "Tyson's Big Dream", featuring all black and Latin men.

But Tyson still felt he had a lot to learn. Although Chi Chi LaRue had generously imparted an accelerated course in the details of filmmaking when Cane had worked for him, it would ultimately take a move to the Czech Republic in 2000, for Tyson to further his education in that country's burgeoning film industry. There, he found work as a production assistant on legitimate films, going on location around Europe. He studied how to use the camera to achieve better results through movement and shooting from a variety of angles, lighting, distribution and marketing, and the crucial component of matching actors who have a palpable chemistry toward each other. But, Tyson readily admits he continues to learn more with each and every project in which he is involved. "If you don't, you become complacent and rest on your laurels, and there is always someone else ready to surpass you."

Shortly after his return to the United States, he teamed up with Enrico Vega to produce two videos, "Manhattan Fantasies", which was nominated by Gay Video News (GayVN) for a Best Ethnic-Themed Video award, and last year's "Freak Factor".

Now, back at the helm by himself, earlier this year Tyson released "I Dare You" and "Oh Boy Escorts: Paranoid" and is currently in post-production on two upcoming releases, "Oh Boy Escorts 2" and the
Larry thing_______. But his most recent venture is an entirely new
entrepreneurial foray.

"Last spring, I was shooting photos of a new model, and the guy told me he had an underwear fetish and asked if we could do some pics with him wearing sexy underwear. Later that day, I got to thinking, why not start my own underwear line? I didn't know of any other African-American producing his own collection for men, why not be the first?" This autumn, he is introducing Tyson Cane Bodywear for Men, designed by Tyson himself. "It seemed like a logical choice for expansion. I could feature my models in the videos having their underwear slowly peeled down with a big hard cock floppin' out, or having them passionately ripped off. And I could use the same models in ads, some of the hottest new faces in the business. Just a bit of shameless cross self-promotion."

"One day in 2002, I heard the new single from Eminem, "Lose Yourself"
on the radio and his lyric 'You only get one shot' just stuck in my mind. It was at that moment that I woke up and knew if I wanted to make my company succeed, in an industry still dominated by all-white casts, I had to strive twice as hard to produce a superior product."
Back then, and even today, the majority of videos featuring black and Latin men still couldn't match the production values of those starring white men. Tyson Cane has changed that. "My goal is to train other black and Latin models to step behind the camera, because I think we should do both if we want to." While more performers than ever before are now producing and directing, few have the intelligence, creativity and tenacity to attain the longevity and level of success as has Tyson Cane.


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