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February 23, 2007


fred jones

well, people are busy these days, there are so many attractions and distractions...perhaps you might consider the possibility that the reason for the lack of comments lies somewhere closer to your end?

after all, you didn't even comment or blog from feg 6 to feb 23 - more than TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!...are you bored with your own blog? then what do you expect from us? :-)

tell us more about your creativity and exploits and challenges as a director; provide links for us where we can see clips of your work on either side of the camera, at least for product you hold the rights to; tell me i'm wrong and that i should shut up! whatever! this is YOUR blog! comments, it seems to me, are generally a response to the blogger's blogging, not blogging a response to the efforts of commenters!


Well, if you've only been doing it for a month, you might wanna give it more time to see if people catch on.

Raymond Whitford

My first thought when I saw you were stopping your blog was what kind of feedback are you looking for. I'll be the first to admit that I was surprised by some of your comments in the blogs that I read, discovering another side of Tyson that in my wildest imagination would have never dreamed existed.
Making negative feedback has never been a strong point of mine, particularly since you have always been good to me anytime I have ever asked you for anything. I would say give your blog just a little more time and if things remain the way they are the end it.But hopefully more people will take the time to ask questions or give there own opinions. Raymond Whitford


Give the blog a bit longer, you have worked very hard to establish Tyson Cane Videos and been successful, so give your blog a little more time to establish itself.

It is very important to have the benefit of a blog to enable you to keep in regular contact with your fans, with the resulting immediate two-way feed backs being most useful indeed.

For my part I like the way that your videos are true to current life, particularly real Gay urban City life.

Today, especially in New York, many ethnic Masculine and muscular Gay and Bi Guys are versatile.

It is sad and regrettable that most mainstream gay studios still operate on the old tired "de ja vue " cliche that the well built Black guy is always the top to the less well built guy, which is just not always true in real life.

You yourself always set very high standards of reality by being openly Versatile in many of your videos, whilst in the late 80's and early 90's well built Black Stars like the great Joe Simmons together with other Black Stars like Ty Jones and Randy Cochrane, were fully versatile.

Recently to your credit you had well built Blaze bottoming, which made me bust my nut in just 2 seconds.

It would be great if you have J Scopion being versatile in a dvd (as he is already on several websites), but better still it really would be tremendously successful if you could have a model like Double R or Hercules to be to be Versatile in a dvd.

I believe that if you did this, not only would you be introducing a good liberating effect on the Ethnic Gay Video Market, but you would also be reflecting a more accurate picture of current Gay Ethnic Urban life.

For example in his latest dvd, the Brazilian Star Rafael Alencar recently Topped Black Stud Brian Bodine, which had an immediate and
highly positive response from many fans.

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